My name is Miles, and I am now almost 7 years old. This is me and my Daddy, my Daddy was very sick, he had leukemia. We found out in June 2009, and since then, my Daddy has been to the hospital for lot's and lot's of treatments. He got better for a little while, but then he had to get a Bone Marrow Transplant! It has been tough for my Daddy, for my Mommy, and for me! My daddy still has lots of hospital visits, but he has gotten much better, and has not been sick for almost 2 years now!!! Mommy used to make digital scrapbook kits, but had to stop since she didn't have time anymore, with Daddy being sick. We thought we would give all her kits she has made away for free, but if you like them, maybe you can donate to help my Daddy's medical expenses. Thanks for reading!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day +170 just an update....

It seems my reports have gone by the wayside since we have been home. But I thought an update was in order for any who are still following to let you know we are all alive and kicking. We have made 1 return visit for a checkup to Karmanos so far, and actually were scheduled to leave tomorrow for the next, but we post-poned it for the beginning or March due to some testing Frank will be doing this week and next on his liver. Oddly enough, it has nothing to do with the leukemia or transplant, but during the rounds of genetic testing, it was discovered he carries a very uncommon gene hemachromatosis, in other words, his liver stores excessive amounts of iron. This led to a round of phlebotomies back in 2010 while he was in remission, but was left on the wayside after the relapse. However, the gene is doing it's thing again, and some more tests and phlebotomies are on the agenda. Just another "little" thing. The only good part is so far, everything can be done here in Laurium, so no excessive travel is required. Other than that, everything has been going well. Fatigue is still an issue, and Frank's hair has just now returned to a state where you wouldn't know it had been gone, although indeed it is a completely different texture than before. Miles is also doing well, and has been enjoying all our beloved snow activities, shoveling, snowshoeing, sledding, and our wonderful neighbors gave him a child's set of x-country ski's they had from ther own children. We have been out once with them, but have not had another opportunity yet as he has been a bit under the weather with a cold. Luckily, Frank nor I have picked it up, but he has been indoors all week, and is just about ready to bust a seam. So all is good for now, and that is all we can ask for :)
Happy President's Day everyone!

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