My name is Miles, and I am now almost 7 years old. This is me and my Daddy, my Daddy was very sick, he had leukemia. We found out in June 2009, and since then, my Daddy has been to the hospital for lot's and lot's of treatments. He got better for a little while, but then he had to get a Bone Marrow Transplant! It has been tough for my Daddy, for my Mommy, and for me! My daddy still has lots of hospital visits, but he has gotten much better, and has not been sick for almost 2 years now!!! Mommy used to make digital scrapbook kits, but had to stop since she didn't have time anymore, with Daddy being sick. We thought we would give all her kits she has made away for free, but if you like them, maybe you can donate to help my Daddy's medical expenses. Thanks for reading!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day +92 Home!!!

We arrived home on Wednesday! It is great to be back home, we left Tuesday after Frank's clinic visit, and spent the night in Muninsing. Once we crossed the Mackinac Bridge, we knew we were "home", what a difference from one side to the other. Frank held up very well over the trip, and we have been settling back in, getting our stuff unpacked, some Christmas decorations up, and just enjoying being home! Frank will see our oncologist up here in 2 weeks, and then it will be back to Detroit the second week of January for the first check-up, but so far so good. One feels so much better being just being here.

We have seen a few of our friends and neighbors so far, and wil get to everyone eventually. But the lights are back on in the Ryan household, shining again on Tamarack Street!

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